Expanding automation is a defining feature of modern industrial production. Automated production facilities protect people from dangerous tasks, increase the performance capacity of a system, increase the quality of products and guarantee a consistent product quality.

We offer you synergistic solutions in the areas of automation and process control technology.

Our services in detail:

  • Planning and project engineering for automation concepts
  • System design and specifications for automation systems
  • Drafting of program flow charts and interlock lists
  • Networking of automation devices and connection to inventory management systems
  • Commissioning and optimisation of control software
  • Process value logging via OPC-based connections
  • Project planning and engineering for process control systems
  • Development of redundant server systems
  • Planning and development of network structures and topologies
  • Revision, modification, optimisation and updates of software for automation and process control systems
  • Recipe, product data and batch management
  • Connection to database systems and inventory management systems
  • IT communication
  • Energy data management systems
  • Commissioning
  • Support